I just got told very politely by my boss that he doesn't see enough value
in NetWare/OES to fight his own management. The big blue tide has risen,
the budgets are in a time of crisis, and the unofficial bean counters say
that we can get a lot more going true blue than staying purple. Yes, DST
can help resolve our storage resourcing issue, but it isn't enough of a
'get' to keep Novell file-servers around, and the associated licensing

Especially since we can probably get SLES licenses from the Microsoft

It was pretty clear. He wasn't going to fight his own management. The
fight would then be up to me to prove in true bean-counter way that going
true blue would actually cost more, and I'm not sure I can do that. There
are some sticky perception issues, like MS CALs give you access to a range
of products, where Novell ALA licenses give us one product we're actually

And that's the battle. When our servers come off of maintenance in 2010 is
when we'll get new hardware, and that'll be when we do any migrations.
Boss doesn't know that yet, but that'll be when they'll have to happen.
And get all the way off in time for the 2011 renewal.

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