I have a brand new ifolder 3.7 implementation running on OES2 SP1 / SLESL10 SP2. While the basics of ifolder are functioning, I have three issues with the implementation:

1. Sharing doesn't appear to be working. It is enabled on the global policy as well as on every user and group. However, the buttons on the windows client to add users are greyed out.

2. I have encryption turned on. When a person accesses the web interface and logs in, they can see all their ifolders; but when they click on one, it asks for their passphrase but doesn't seem to accept it. I've verified the passphrases are being typed correctly.

3. I can't seem to edit the LDAP search contexts via the web admin tool. When I attempt to add a new search DN, it throws me a weird ldap/java error. If I use Yast > OES > Install and Config, I can add new DNs fine, but would prefer to edit this via the web interface. Any idea's? I'm sorry, I don't have the exact error in front of me but I thought describing it might sound familiar to somebody else who had the same problem.