I have been experimenting a lot with fresh installs of OES2SP1 the last
couple of days but I can't get the novell online update to work.

It does not matter if I try to register on the commandline or via the
yast gui I almost always get a failed to parse xml metadata 404 not found.

The few times it has succeeded https://nu.novell.com is in "inactive"
mode when doing a "rug sl" command and only SLES10SP2 updates work, none
from the OES2SP1 catalogs.

Just using SLES10SP2 catalogs seems to work fine but not with OES2SP1...

I don't have this issue with any of my pre sp1 OES2 servers, I just
wanted to know if anyone else has this issue or if I should contact
novell about it.

It is not a license issue, I have tried using several different licenses
to no avail..