Not sure where to post this.

We are a Technical College that has around 4000 workstations, 700 employees, and, 5000 students.

I am looking for different ideas as how people are currently using Registration Keys and how they are organizing the workstations that they import.

Currently we are migrating from ZfD 7 to ZCM 10 and would like to take advantage of the workstations being better organized. In ZfD all of our workstations are in a single container making it very hard to associate or deploy things to the workstations. For ZCM I tried Registration Rules by IP address range but that did not work because when a Technician brings a computer back to our department and images it there then it gets imported into our departments container and not the department the the workstation actually belongs to. Also when a department moves this causes a problem.

Now I believe that Registration Keys are the way to go. I plan to have the registration keys place the workstations into folders like...


and place the workstations into Groups like...


Since the Employees and Student workstations will be in Groups do they also need to be separated at the folder level or would it be better to have them all in the same Department folder? It seems like having them in a separate folder and Group is doing the same thing twice.

Where should the Groups be located at? Right now that are at /Workstations/Instruction/Department/

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have read the documentation but it doesn't go into great detail about proper design.