We are running ZFD 6.5 sp2ir1 on netware 6.5 sp3

I have 2 workstations that are no longer in Edirectory, but persist in my
inventory reports. I have tried the usual startser ndslookupforbd and
renaming the deletewslist.txt to inventoryremovellist.txt, followed by
startser removeinventory but these 2 particular machines will not seem to
get removed.

With those 2 machines in the inventoryremovellist.txt file, after running
startser removeinventory, 2 .str files are created in the directory where
the inventoryremovellist.txt file is.

This process is working, as i tried it on another workstation and after I
did the process, the workstation was gone from the inventory.

Is there a way to manually delete a workstation from the inventory db.

Keep in mind, I know very very little about sybase. So if there is a magic
easy way, that would be super.