I am in an environement where NDPS printing(Broker/manager on server) is set up, NDPS print queues/objects are created, and iPrint with the client is set up for users. This is a NW6.5 SP7 server environment.

But I want to also use standard(no iPrint) NDPS print set up, install the NDPS client via client32 manual install, and asign NDPS print queue to users.

I tried a test creation of a NDPS print queue, gave the rights for myself, installed NDPS print client on my PC without iPrint client. I get the printer on my XP PC, but it will not print, with errors.

Is iPrint setup over riding the older standard NDPS printing set up in my environment? Can iPrint and standard NDPS printing run together? What can I do to get NDPS printing working, a side from iPrint?