Hello, I need some advice on having duplicate servers in ZCM.

A server I recently created had ZCM broken after installing Zenworks Linux Management and I decided to just recreate the server all over again. After competition I noticed that two entries exist for this server under the Management zone and neither seem to be able to communicate. I am unable to remove it because it states the proper action is to uninstall the software, but the server was re-created and is being deployed today.

It almost appears what I need to run is ZMAN:

Novell Documentation

But I'm uncertain of the correct syntax
server-delete (sd) [options] (server object path) [...]
Or even
zenserver-delete (zsd) (Primary Server path relative to /Devices/Servers)

How would it know which one since they have the same exact name? I know the GUID is different. I have never used the zman command before and I'm not finding many references to it's use.

Any advise is welcomed and please do not say "Re-install ZMC" or I may retire early ;)