I am currently in the process of upgrading our servers from NetWare
SP5 NDS 7.x to NetWare 6.0 SP2 eDir 8.6.2 SP3. The next phase will
rollout NetWare 6 SP3 and eDir, which will be started next
My problem is that I have one server that is running BorderManager 3.5

SP1 that does RADIUS authentication for dial-in users. I realize that
cannot upgrade this server to NetWare 6, but does anyone know of any issues with updating the DS to eDir 8.6.2 and then 8.7?

Because of brain drain with the setup and configuration of the
BorderManager at my work location it has been decided not to upgrade
to 8.7, but replace it with another solution at a later date. Also
because of this lack of knowledge I am unable to duplicate our
environment in our test lab. Since this server holds several replicas
do not want to leave it on NDS while the rest of the tree is running eDirectory.

Any input is appreciated,

Kendall R Buller - USDA/FSA Contractor
NetWare 5.x/6.x CNE