Hi folks,

Hadn't done anything in BM for a while and loaded
NWADMN32 as usual, BM splash comes up, but when I
went to Access Rules tab, it said:

Border Manager is not installed or is not
available on this server.

However, it is running quite happily, everything
is functioning just fine.

This is BM3.7SP1 on NW6.5SP2. The WS is XP Pro.
Last time I changed a rule a couple of wweks ago,
it was working fine.

I've been through several TIDs on this including
10052580. I have unistalled BM on the WS, deleted
all the DLLs from the server and reinstalled.
Exactly the same behavior.

Any suggestions, anyone?

* Ken McLeod
* Computer Overseer
* 20950 SW Rock Creek Road
* SHERIDAN, OR 97378
* http://www.delphian.org