Dear SysOp,

Just installed BM 3.7 w/sp2 on a new server install of NW5.1 w/sp6.
I have only configured the server for HTTP proxy on port 8080 only.
However it doesn't appear to cache correctly if at all.

I have publicly registered ipaddress on the public side of the proxy server which is connected to an ADSL router. The router is not running

NAT. Dynamic NAT is running on public side nic only.

If I shut proxy services down completly and unconfigure the client
browsers to use proxy it's fine !. Clients can browse without an
I am running DNS/DHCP on the server. I'm not sure if there may be a
configuration issue which may be causing this problem to occur.

My static default route to the ADSL router is working fine when proxy
not used. My resolv.cfg as my local DNS server listed first followed
by my
ISP's two name servers.

When I look at the proxy stats console it shows a small number of
in yellow. Yet the requested sites in question can be pinged by domain

name by both client and server.

Enforce access rules is off. And I have also turned off transparent
I have no port conflicts and the proxy status console shows that it is

bound to both public and private addresses.

Any help is much appreciated.