I am trying to download 4.3 Gb ISO files from Novell site. After about 2 Gb were downloaded , I receive error messages, on the BM server console: "Volume SG/cache almost out of space" and later "Volume SG/cache out of space".

Since during earlier trials, the downloading was interrupted, I'm using now Go!Zilla/

The workstations are Win 2000 or Win XP.

My actual LAN is based on a Netware SBS 6.5 tree with 3 servers:

1.Border Manager 3.8- sp1. (2 Gb RAM, traditional cache 2 Gb volumes)
2.GroupWise (NAT) - sp1
3.WEB (NAT) sp6 - Apache 2.0.59, MySQL ver. 5.0.67, PHP 5.2.6.

How can I fix it?