Does anyone know of a problem between novell and the drivers for the HP 4300 series printers? I have several 4350s on our campus that are starting to crash windows explorer (if printing a test page) or the application that the print was sent from (word, excel, adobe etc). It is very random. I have noticed it with the 4300 series and we have one other printer an HPCLJ 6015 that it is happening on. After the crash, you have to reboot the pc in order to try printing again. I have had the problem printing via ndps, iprint and straight tcp/ip. The crashes occur when logged into novell. It doesn't seem to happen when you are logged in workstation only. The novell clients are 4.91 sp4, (I have tested the sp5 client and get the same result). Our print server is running netware 6.5 sp5. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!