I called in to NTS just this morning with a "system down" problem. ZCM is
broken again... (well, I'm not sure that it has ever worked. Its the worst
product I've ever seen from novell, and right now I think its one of the worst
product ever produced. *Ever*.) Anyway, I waited on hold for an hour and 5
minutes in a queue. I got an answer and the gentleman told me I was in the
wrong queue, and I wasn't entitled to support by calling in - I could only sit
and wait for a call back. Why the first person I spoke to, who put me into the
queue, didn't tell me this is beyond me. I told him I was on an SLA and have
always bought 5 packs of SR's and called in for high priority and never had a
problem, and I wasn't aware of any other way to buy a higher level of support.
When asked how I could get support that entitled me to call in, the gentleman
told me the only way to get that was through a DSE! I know they want you to
open them online now and wait for someone (who usually who can't speak or type
my language) to respond; however, I was under the impression that if you had a
high priority or "system down" problem, then you could call in and open a
ticket! He said they changed it about 6 months ago so they only do call-back at
their convenience! *Asinine!* My stuff is broke NOW! I'm seriously thinking
about ditching ZCM and doing a complete campus re-image in the middle of the
school year to go back to ZDM7. I'm also calling my account rep to let him know
how displeased with this support model I am.

For the record, I'm not novell bashing. I like the company and love most of
their products. Its just ZCM is the worst. Absolutely **** programming and
testing, and written ontop of a **** framework (mono) that was adapted from
another **** framework (.NET) from a **** company (M$). Add ontop of that the
fact that Novell's support has gone the way of Symantec's (I know thats harsh,
but its not too far off right now), and you get one really really pissed off
loyal customer.


P.S. After I told the guy who answered the phone how I felt about my situation,
and asked to speak to a supervisor, he found an engineer that could help me
right away. He was sure to point out though, that it was an exception that he
made for me and that I wasn't really entitled to be able to talk to someone
right away.