Hello all together,

we'ev got some issues with a windows 2003 server in our network infrastructre.
Our eDirectory Server ist Netware 6.5sp7 and our Workstations are Windows XP and Windows Vista.
Now we've a Windows 2003 server with one fileshare.
Our solution to mount this fileshare to the clients is with an bat-file and netuse.
@echo off
net use r: \\windowserver\share /PERSISTENT:NO /user:user password
So first we have the problem that every user connects with the same user name (user) to the file-share and now ore seconds big problem.
After NovellLogin the Loginscripts opens the bat file and mount the File-Share.
The User can go to the fileshare an open files.
But after (for example) 20 seconds the user ist not working on this share and take an access again, it takes a long time (5-10 secnods) since the content will be listed.
My question: Is this a windows Problem? Are the other Solutions (better) for this problem? And how can i change the problem with the credentials?