We got up early and drove to Chicago for the day on Saturday. Thank you for all the suggestions of things to do. Many have been added to our list of "ToDo"s for a future visit.
We started off at Rainforest Cafe, soaking in the atmosphere and picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. Then to Macy's in Water Tower Place, where I treated one of our 10-year-old daughters to a trip into the Fur Vault. After seeing her eyes bug out at the $7,500 price tag on one, I went over and pulled out the sleeve of a really beautiful coat. She stroked the arm of it, commented on how soft it was, then I showed her the pricetag - $12,960! She about hyperventilated. It was pretty funny. By then we decided to go back to reality. After a relaxing walk up and thru Macy's we went next door to the American Girl store to indulge all 3 girls in the environment. I was bored to tears, but thought it was really cute how many little girls come dressed like their dolls. We managed to get out of there without spending anything. <whew!>
Then into a couple of chocolate stores, and on to Legoland. LOVE that store! We were all impressed by the lifesize R2D2 and Darth Vader all made of Legos.
Down the rest of Michigan Avenue to lunch at Giordano's pizzaria. We ate 7 of 8 slices of a stuffed pizza and took the last one with it, figuring we'd be out in the cold enough to keep it safe. From there we walked into the original Marshal Fields store and spent a bit of time. Then next door to Old Navy, then a long, slow, stroll through the German Christmas village on Daley Plaza. By then our feet hurt and we were almost soaked (it started raining about 2:00), so we started back to our car. On the walk back my wife and I decided that the last piece of pizza probably wouldn't be safe after a 3+ hour ride in the car, so I handed it to the first homeless guy we came to. Our kids gave me a little grief about it, but quickly realized it he probably needed it they just wanted it.
I took a short drive down to the Field Museum area, then up Lake Shore Drive, then back to the I-road and on home. When we were going up Lake Shore, one of my girls (rightly) observed that all those tall buildings with thousands of people living in them looked like human-sized ant farms. She then said, "but I'm really happy we live where we do!"

Amen, girl. Amen.