I am attempting to install a WebApp on Win2008 IIS 7 to interface w/ a visualfox pro database which is siting on a NW 6.5 sp7 volume. The Novell client (Vista client sp1) is installed on the Win2008 server and the login scripts seem to run w/o any problems. Netware login scripts map out to drive J: for all our database users.

Altho I can run our database across the network (like all our other database users) on the Win2008 box w/o IIS7, when I attempt to complete the IIS 7 WebApp setup by setting the data source path, it will not accept the UNC path or the mapped drive path for my data directory on the Netware volume. The UNC path and/or drive mappings are correct but the data source error continually says that it can't find the MMSusers.dbf file which is clearly there.

If I copy the entire database directory to this Win2008 server it'll accept the local data source.

Do you think you could shed any light on this? Any netware insight would be appreciated.