I'm trying to install a server update (ZCM_10.1.2a) using the manual method as updates in ZCC don't seem to work anymore. However, I am running into difficulties now because zman appears 'broken'. With the exception of 'zman --help' all my zman commands end the same way "An internal error has occurred Please see the zman log for the full stack trace". Even the administrator store credentials (asc) fails with this error. I have zman log set to debug mode and attached a snippet with the zman asc command error. The common theme in all of the errors I see is "java.lang.RuntimeExceptions...Bad Content Type = text/html;charset=UTF-8...Command failed (partially or totally)"

How do you "fix" zman issues?

I've have a SLES 10 server with ZCM 10.1.1 installed (installed via rpm) and have downloaded ZCM_10_1_2a.zip to the server.

Thanks for any advice.