We're having a weird problem with file timestamps. XP workstations connecting to nw65sp7 through cifs. NSS volumes. We've got some software that compares timestamps and throws up problems with some files that are 1 sec out, e.g. odd numbered seconds appearing as even numbered.

The problem never occurs if the application's files are local, and never happened when we were using NWClient (we've just moved over to CIFS).

At first I thought this is because the netware volume appears to be mounted as a FAT volume in XP by the NET USE command. Yet in Windows Explorer I can create a bunch of new files and some of them will have even datetimes and others odd. So why does this work sometimes and not others?

I'm wondering if we get different behaviour from different windows APIs (one of the applications is scanning files with FindFirstFile API).

Is it possible to force CIFS volumes to appear as NTFS-compatible volumes instead of FAT?