Bordermanager is not installed or is not available on this server.
is the message I get when I go into NWAdmin and try to access the
bordermanager setup. It is not only installed on the server but it is

up and running. This server did abend last night in the middle of an

Arcserve backup and I had to reset it this morning. It was locked up

after the abend. At first when it booted up it seemed to have a
with my Cache2 volume and it ran vrepair (or whatever netware 6 has in

place of vrepair) and then it said it did not mount the cache2 volume.

However, cache2 was mounted. I could access it through explorer on
desktop. It also was not allowing anyone out through the proxy
It seemed to be enforcing all my rules and applying them to everyone.

I took the check out of Enforce Rules in Bordermanager setup in
NWadmin. Then everyone could browse the internet. I then downed the

server again and everything came up normally. There was no problem
cache2. However when I went into NWadmin to put the check back in
Enforce rules (to see what would happen) I could not get into the
bordermanager setup in NWadmin. Help.

Thank you.