I noticed something weird today. Could be just me, but I thought I'd ask for some clarification here.

Running ZCM 10.1.2 on SLES

I have a bundle that copies a directory from the local drive of the workstation to a "Settings" folder on a network drive.
The source for this copy contains the variable "%ProgramFiles%" wich resolves fine and the destination contains the variable "%CN%".

Now, here is the weird part.

When I run this bundle locally from the device as a user, it runs fine and does what it's supposed to do. However, when I go into ZCC and go to the folder the bundle is in, select the bundle and choose "Quick Taks => Launch Bunde" the status window shows that the bundle launched fine but when I check the network drive, instead of copying the directory to resolved "%CN%" folder, it actually creates a "%CN%" folder and copies the files there.

So, somehow, when launching from ZCC the "%CN%" variable doesn't get resolved, while it does when run locally. The "%ProgramFiles%" variable always resolved without issue.

Anyone have anything to say wich may shed some light on this situation?