In our environment we have a Netware master replica running eDirectory 8.8.3 SP3 along with 3 OES 2 Linux NSS file servers that serve up files to about 10,000 users. We have a mixed variety of read / write replicas on our network as well.

Everything in our environment works great, however whenever our master server needs to be rebooted (due to an abend, etc.) our 3 OES 2 Linux servers stop serving files and I cannot log into them via SSH or any other means. I have not found anything in the logs on these 3 servers that indicates any sort of issue.

Our SLP DA runs on a different Netware server than the master replica.

What would cause such a thing? Would your recommendation be to put a replica on our OES 2 Linux NSS servers? I have been avoiding this due to the extra overhead that NDS with a replica places on the system.

Any thoughts?