Have setup a Netware 6.0 Border Manager 3.7 server in our Netware 5.0

(eDirectroy 8.527) tree. BM37SP2 installed and NW6 SP3 also. Have
configuring it fine for 2 days and when I come in this morning, I run

NWAdmin and clicking on any of the 3 Border Manager Tabs generates the


The NDS Schema cannot be extended
NDS error -659

Have run a full DSREPAIR and it reports 0 errors.
Also have run DSREPAIR, Repair Local Database and ensured Rebuild
Operational Schema is checked.

Neither fixes the problem.

Quite frankly I think it's disgusting that such corruption can happen
absolutely no reason at all. A perfectly working server the night
and disaster this morning. Guess I'm going to have to waste today
to fix the bloody problem rather than finalising the server setup for
users to use. Is this a bug in NW6 SP3 or BM37SP2??