Applying sles10sp2/oes2sp1 upgrade, and when getting to the eDirectory upgrade portion it is failing with:

Checking if server is ready to service requests... unknown error 1 (1 hex) .1
The instance at /etc/opt/novell/eDirectory/conf/nds.conf is upgraded successfully.
ERROR: /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsconfig return value = 56.

The ndsd logs last entry is:

DHModuleInit_dsi: libdsi module.
DHModuleInit_dsi: Calling DSILoad...
DSILoad: Starting...
DSILoad: Configuration utility for Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP 4 v20218.05
DSILoad: Upgrading the server...
DHModuleInit_dsi: Returning 1.
Module dsi is not loaded

Two other servers upgraded without problem, healthy tree before starting the upgrade. Hoping someone may have an idea, or is there another log that may give a better idea for the failure.
Thanks in advance,