I will be migrating a NW6.5 SP7 server, which has eDir
running over to a VM under VMware ESX 3.5 over the mid-semester

Prior to the start of this past semester, I ran into a problem with
some post-SP7 updates that resulted in the master root partition
server (a different one) being down server upgraded from the SP7
overlay media. The end result was that I had 1 server running
eDir 8.8 among all the other servers running We have gone
through the semester like this without any noticable incident.

Somewhere along the way, I noted some mail saying that the NDS
Health Check (currently TID 3564075) was not necessarly applicable
to an eDir 8.8 installation, so I've avoided using DSREPAIR in what
had been "normal maintenance" through the semester.

This leads to my question(s)

1. When I install the "TEMP" pre-migration server, should I use the
NW6.5 SP6 overlay media? Or will this work if I use the SP7 overlay?
(I'm suspecting use SP6 & then re-apply SP7 updates after migration)

2. Before any other migration, I followed the NDS Health Check TID prior
to running the migration. Should I still run this as documented in the TID
since the existing server is running eDirectory Or is there a better
way that I have simply missed along the way.

3. An aside question: the server being migrated has a 128bit SSL cert
associated with it for outside access. Can this cause potential problems,
or should the certificate come over unscathed?

This migration is due to the old DL380G2 having ASR NMI reboots every
other week or so for the last couple months.