Could someone please point me in the correct direction? I知 having some trouble imaging with ZCM Is there a definitive guide to properly image and assigning scheduled imaging to managed devices?

Here is what happened to me last night/this morning.

I have 2 labs running some extra software that I needed to get running. I created a new image on a machine in my office. I got everything how I wanted and used sysprep to reseal the computer before imaging. I set it up to assign a bios name, and join my domain.

-I then sent the ZMG image up to my Zen server.

-After that completed I started the imaging process yesterday afternoon. I went home for the night.

-This morning I come into work and head straight to the machines. They all imaged perfectly. No drops. I reboot all my machines and they name/join the domain without issue.

-I then redeploy the ZEN adaptive agent to these devices. The agent installs and reboots the computers. The devices start registering themselves. I leave the lab and instruct the teacher to log in as normal after they reboot.

I get called back.

I check the machines. The ZEN Agent renamed each computer back to the name that used to be on record. (This being awesome!)
The ZEN agent also left the machine on my domain, which is even better.

However the logon window would not give me the option of logging into my domain. I had 2 choices, local host and workgroup. This is confusing since the machine is no longer on a workgroup and is part of my domain. I then logged into the machine locally and check the domain membership. Sure enough it is a member of my domain. I reboot the computer. Machine reboots with same problem. Basically in the end I needed to log in locally again, join the workgroup, and rejoin my domain. This in turn forced one of my teachers to change her plans and made me Mr. bad guy.

Has anyone else ever had this happen? Did I do something incorrectly or out of sequence?

I知 really just looking for the best steps for creating and deploying an image for my managed machines. I don稚 want to have to rename and rejoin them every time.

If someone can help I would greatly appreciate it. You値l save me a lot of time. Thanks!!!!!!