I hoping that someone here can help me test something and come up with a
solution. I work for a school district and we use the netTrekker search
engine for students. One feature it has is the ability to read
selections from displayed web pages. This feature is working fine for
the actual netTrekker site, but it fails with an HTTP 500 error when
trying it on any site that links out of netTrekker. But only when going
through the proxy.

If I connect directly from home, or create a filter to allow a specific
PC the ability to access the Internet directly, the feature works

I have added nettrekker.com as a non-caching domain, but that didn't
resolve the issue.

The main page for netTrekker is http://www.nettrekker.com/frontdoor/ and
I have created a test user of "ccsd93" with a password of "ccsd93" (no
quotes of course). I am hoping that someone can try this through their
BorderManager proxy so I can start to narrow down what I would need to do
to resolve this issue.

Maybe it has something to do with the strange URL netTrekker uses when
accessing an external site with the Read Aloud turned on. An example is:

Yes, it does have http:// twice in the URL.

We are currently using BM 3.8 SP5, proxy nlm 071, running on NW6.5 SP7.
We have applied Craig's proxy.cfg and tuneup.ncf. No VPN or SurfControl.

Thanks for any assistance you can give.

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL