Dear Folks,
I am replacing a Win NT network with OES 2 on Linux. I have to create everything from scratch (no Netware - will remove the Win NT).

My thought was to wait for OES 2 SP1, somehow make it so people could log into the new server with their exitsting clients, then once everything is moved go around to every workstation and install the Netware client.

I have installed CIFS on the OES 2 SP1 server, the server shows up in the Win NT domain. I can log in with the Novell Client. I can't log in with just Windows XP.

The instructions for installing Universal Password seem to have some shortcomings as far as working in a Linux only environment, but I have a system created password policy for CIFS login which I assigned to the O where all the users reside. Everything I've seen agrees that Universal Password is installed by default.

I can get a login window when I try to Map a drive from a Windows XP client. However it does not recognize any username or password.

Can anyone give me a sequence where I should be able to log into the OES 2 server with just a Windows XP client (that is in a Windows NT domain - real Win NT, not samba)?

Has anyone done this before? What were the tricks?

Thanks In Advance
Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School