Hi guys,

I usually implement zenworks in a Novell envirronnement. Today I had the chance to get this installed in a windows test lab.

The server is a Linux but my user source is Active Directory from Microsoft. I Havent got any problem yet and Im running on 10.1.2a.

I was trying to login on a new imaged and managed laptop today...

1 - No network cable connected (local login)
2 - ENter the local administrator password
3 - Pass windwos authentication
4 - Get the Zen login prompt !!!

The only way to get around this is to cancel it....this is no good since The laptop is made for traveling!! If a user start a session from his home and want to log in....he will have to face the zen prompt wich is NO GOOD in my opinion!!

I was thinking that the zen agent was trying the user source and then the local user if failed I am wrong ???

Never had that problem with disconnected Novell clients PCs!!!