I recently finished setting up my new test SLES OES SP1 server in its own tree. I am currently testing copying MAC files on our old Netware 6.5 server to the new OES server using a MAC 10.4 workstation. I noticed that some characters that were supported on the Netware volume are no longer supported on the OES Server.

These characters include a file with a (+) plus in the filename and () plus minus. I did not finish testing all the characters yet. Also I tried to copy the Application folder from a MAC OSX 10.4 workstation and that failed with the -50 error. Also if I create a file on the server with a plus sign in the file name it lets me create it, but when I try to open the file it says the file is in use and gives me the -50 error.

The volume is an nss volume and it does have long name support and MAC support on the volume. I am also connecting from the MAC workstation to the server with AFP.

My concern is when I migrate from Netware to SLES OES that I may not be able to mount my current NSS volumes (which are on a SAN and hoping I can do so I dont have to backup and restore data) because of unsupported file characters.

Any thoughts.