First of all, I've struggled with OES2 SP1 for over 2 months and every step of the way it's just one problem after another. Is OES / NOWS just a joke? I'll leave that for another thread and now onto my problem.

Trying to replace the default Certificate Atuthority certificate in Novell Certificate Server, I deleted the "Organizational_CA" under the "Security" OU. Then under Roles and Tasks -> Novell Certificate Seerver -> Configure Certificate Authority, I follow the wizard to create a new certificate.

1) I specify my server as srv1.SERVERS.SCSLLC
2) Object Name I name "Service Communications & Solutions, LLC (CA)".

Then on page 4 of the wizard, under certificate parameters I change the "Subject Name" from default of ".O=scsllc.OU=Organizational CA" to ".O=Service Communications & Solutions, LLC.OU=Service Communications & Solutions, LLC (CA)"

All is fine and dandy until this point, but when I try to export the new certificate, the drop down list only shows the old default certificate that was created during the install. The new certificate is not listed.

Now, if I export the old certificate and click the certificats tab to list certificates for the CA, that also lists the old certificate, but if I close the window and edit the CA object again, it will list the new certificate again.

Any help is greatly appriciated. Thank you