I'm seeing an interesting issue when verifying an MSI bundle.

I'm seeing this with at least 3 MSI's a GroupWise 7 installa Word 2003 install and a GroupWise messenger MSI install I created.

All MSI's have a launch executable attached to them.

For example I double click the GroupWise messenger icon in the ZENworks Window, it downloads and installs. Messenger starts up and prompts for a username and password, all good so far.

With Messenger open I then verify the bundle, after verifying and then opening Messenger the computer restarts. If messenger is closed and not running in the system tray it does not reboot. No errors are displayed.

The same happens with GroupWise and Word bundles. With GroupWise I see a message saying that the workstation needs to shutdown with a counter of 45 secs remaining.

Removing the launch executable does not stop the restart from happening.
Adding /norestart to the MSI does not help.

I did not see this before the upgrade to 10.1.2

Can anyone verify that they have the same issue?

I'll get logs and errors tomorrow when I'm in the office.