I posted this issue on the bundle forum but didn't receive any help. So, I
try to post it here...

When the Discover applicable updates windows-x86-fr-xpsp3 bundle is
installed on my devices, the bundle fails on step 2 of 8. Step 2 is
Signature Archive File Install.

In the properties of that step, source file is

and the destination file is:

Is this normal that in the path, there is slashes and backslashes ?

On my ZCM server, if I go on the source path, I don't have the mcescan.cab

My ZCM server is at version 10.1.1 and I did the update with the manual
10.1.1c ZIP file.

On december 1st, in the event messages of that bundle, I have a Content
windows-x86-xpsp3-1228108103068_sigs.zip successfully imported into the
system message.

After that, I began to have that message:

The action 65fdfe563052d3590f5b1bf057b5ddd5 threw an exception. Message:
Mthode introuvable : 'System.String
Novell.Zenworks.Zmd.Progress.get_UID()'.. Exception:
System.MissingMethodException: Mthode introuvable : 'System.String
Novell.Zenworks.ActionManager.ActionManager.Proces sAction(ActionContext
context, ClientAction action) Novell.Zenworks.ActionMan

Thanks for help.