Hi, i wanted some advice regarding the virtualisation of our netware infrastructure.

We have a mix environment of :
NT4/Windows 2000 server/ Windows 2003
Netware 6.5 sp5 /Sp6

We are in the 1st phase of currently gathering the information using Platespin Recon from all our mix of NT4/Windows 2000 server/Windows 2003 servers.
The windows environment seems to be in hand and planned to be migrated into the Virtualisation environment.

My main aim is to find out what route we should be looking at for the future of our current Netware 6.5 environement consisting of:

a) 10 node cluster - this runs the Groupwise 7 system only, 5 po's, 4 domains, 1 gwia, 1 webaccess.
b) All running Netware 6.5 sp6
c) Groupwise 7.02hp1a - about to upgrade to 7.03hp1
d) Zenworks for desktops 6.5 - about to be upgraded to Zenworks 7

I know that Netware is currently unsupported for virtulisation on this current release we are on.
Where do we go from here as we are told that Netware 6.5 sp7 is the final from Novell, it is then OES - then SUSE Linux.

What should we be doing now?
Do we migrate/upgrade to OES/Suse Linux?
How much of a big job is that.
How much of a big difference isit to administer the novell servers as our current novell admins are just about upto scratch in administering in the Netware 6.5 enviroment.

Is administering in SUSELINUX going to make life harder, commands,tools,configuring...etc?

We have a limit on our training budget so if upgrading to SUSELINUX is to happen how much of a big difference would there be for our admins to continue monitoring and administering in a Linux enviroment?

I emphasize upgrading to suselinux as we are told that is the platform that is supported by the vmware virtualisation environment.

What is the cheapest and supported method route for us to take to continue in a virtualistaion path/environment for our current Netware environment.