We migrated files from a NW 6.5 server to an OES2 SP1 linux server on a test
network and all seemed well. Now we are trying to do it on our production
network without success. The production network servers are all NW 6.5 SP7
running edir 8.8 SP2 except for the two OES2 SP1 servers we just installed.
We are attempting to migrate files from NSS volume on one NW server to the
NSS volume on one OES2 linux server.

Using the GUI files migration tool in YAST, we attempt to migrate the NSS
VOL1 from server to the destination server NSS VOL1. As the
migration proceeds we get the following log outputs::
ERROR: Enter the username(e.g. cn-admin, o=novell)
ERROR: for the server Enter cn=admin, o=evms password:
[ then process then copies two files to the OES2 VOL1 volume, "Icon" and
Info: Done.
Warning: Migrate Process Completed, but errors or warnings occurred!

LUM appears to be working fine on the OES2 machine; we can login as admin.

We also tried using the command line migfiles with the following directive:
migfiles -n -s -i -v VOL1 -V VOL1
This procedure also copies the same two files and then stops without
indicating any error.

I'm obviously at a loss on where to go next. Does anyone have an idea?

Dale M.
EVMS Network Center
Norfolk, Virginia