Hello all,

I am having a rather bizarre problem. I don't know
if it is related to Border Manager at all, except
the problem began at the same time that I began
having various issues with BM (3.7SP1 on NW6SP2).

The server failed a couple of weeks back. As per
usual, when it came back up, it had lost all its
packet filters, an ongoing and seemingly unfixable

So I went through the steps of restoring them, and
all seemed fine. Users were able to do email and
browse, the main use of the Net at school.
However, when I went to check out the NGs, I found
I was unable to connect. (I am doing this through
a dial-up connection). I also discovered that FTP
behaves the same way when using WSFTP (won't
connect) although I can download from ftp sites
through the browser.

I tried turning on packet filter debug, but that
generates so much traffic so fast (a) anything I
want to look at is lost in the logger before I can
turn it off and (b) the reason for that is it
chokes the server! <g>

I turned off both packet filtering and BM access
rules, yet it still behaves the same way. Truly
strange. Well, I guess only strange because it
makes no sense, but I bet somebody out there knows
exactly what it is, and will say, "Hey, dummy,
just ..." <g>

I'm going nuts on this, and certain people are out
looking to scalp me, so any suggestions greatfully

* Ken McLeod
* Computer Overseer
* 20950 SW Rock Creek Road
* SHERIDAN, OR 97378
* http://www.delphian.org