I've got a situation with a client that will shortly be running
6 (currently on 4.11, about to install a replacement/upgrade of theirsingle server). They are currently connected to the Internet using aVerizon package with a single, dynamically-assigned IP address and a
192.168.x.x network (and they've got about a dozen users).

They have the option of changing their IP address to a static one and
was wondering, if they decide to spend the extra few $$$ to do this,
I could make pcAnywhere access work by using Port Forwarding. I've
never used Port Forwarding before but I understand from Symantec
that it should work. My questions:

1. Is this something that can be handled by a hardware router and not

BM? The client currently doesn't own BM. Is it _better_ handled in
a router, or does it make any difference? Obviously, for this case,
it can be handled by the currently available hardware, it would be
great. My understanding is that, in either case, only one workstation

will work with pcAnywhere out of the box and the rest would have to
ports other than the defaults configured and then the remote users
have to know what those ports are to find the workstations on the
private side.

2. Any recommended reading on the subject?

Many thanks in advance.

Steve "once in a while pretends he knows something about Netware"