After dealing with a too-small 4.11 server in one environment, I
installed the next box with a single Netware 5.1 partition and
the entire thing to SYS:, NWFS, big blocks, compressions,
suballocation. I'd like to set up a separate BM cache volume, NWFS,
compression, 8k blocks, no suballocation, all without having to backup

and restore.

What utility/3rd-party program can I use to do this? This is NW 5.1,SP4, and is it sufficient to downsize SYS and create my cache volume
should I also downsize the partition and create the cache volume on
another partition? What I need would be something like Partition
for a Netware server.

The server has about 100gb of RAID 5 storage, about 15-20 of which are

currently in use, 15 total users, only 5 of whom have Internet access.

Any recommendation on a size for the cache volume would be appreciated

as well. I've unloaded and reloaded PROXY (-CC) a few times and usedNDIR at a workstation to check on how much disk space it freed up -
times, even after a month or two, I get only a megabyte or so of
difference, often less than that, although once it was up to a couple

Many thanks in advance.