I am experimenting in our office with Vista to see how it holds up on our network, but am having problems getting the client to connect over wireless.

Ran the install of the Vista Client SP1 as an administrator, did a standard installation, and seemed to run without any problem.

At first, I tried connection using a wired connection, and the client saw the trees, and after logging in had access to all of our networked drives and printers.

However, when I try to login using the wireless card (this is a desktop with a Netgear PCI Wireless card installed), it fails. I followed the steps in Novell's documentation for using 802.1x Authentication (i.e. activating the 802.1x tab on the login screen), even re-formatted and installed the client before anything else, and it still will not work.

The exact message I get is "802.1x Authentication Failed. An RPC error occurred."

Is there some setting I am missing or other configuration in Vista that needs to be changed in order for this to work?

With the computer in our conference room, which is also wireless but running XP and 4.91 SP4, there is a checkbox in the wireless card utility for Authenticate Before Login, but have found nothing similar in Vista. That is the only change I ever had to make to that unit, and it connects fine.

Any help or insight that can be provided would be appreciated.