NWSB5.1 - Server, NAT, BM & filters were all set up and working for
months using a Broadband Cable connection. A change of physical
location, ended up with an ADSL connection and a new Static IP.

At the new location, I changed the Static IP# and MASK on public NIC
as well as the Default route to the new Gateway. (Note: MASK on
public NIC is now different from MASK on private NIC) Also changed DNS

Resolver Configuration to the new ISP's DNS servers. Checked these
changes were reflected in the ETC\RESOLVE file and changed the
ETC\HOST file while I was at it. [these are all the changes I'm
worrying about just now.] Filters are currently turned off. NAT is
dynamic on the public NIC. Note: Changed offsite Domain Host config
to reflect new IP number.

The Netware Server is back up. All server and workstation private and

public NICs can be pinged from server. From the server console: all
internet locations can be pinged with both numbers and domain names. **The ISP gateway can be pinged. For all intents and purposes, the
server appears connected. Receives mail.

1- Workstations can ping everything right out to the public NIC but
not beyond.
2- Workstations cannot browse internet.
3- **The Netware Server reports a dead gateway.
4- **From anywhere other than the Netware Server, the ISP gateway
cannot be pinged.
5- Using a small ADSL router and bypassing the netware server,
workstations have internet access (and still **cannot ping the ISP's
gateway.) Internet connection via the ADSL router is possible using
the ISP's DHCP for the public number and/or actually pluging in the
static number manually.

Any ideas? Is this enough information for someone to start pointing
me in the right direction for resolving this? Personally... I'm going

nuts and really, really need the help. Thanks.