Sorry if this is the wrong forum.

Running NW411 with BM36 all patched and everything working fine for
year until yesterday. The BM server is used to allow VPN connections
and to
perform NAT. Yesterday we switched our cable router to a new one
because we
got static IP address. We changed the IP setup in inetcfg and the VPN
in niascfg / nwadmin. IPFLT/31 are unloaded until we get this
working. We
also changed to new DNS server numbers.

Currently the VPN works perfectly - can connect and login etc from
the LAN. The netware box and PCs inside the network can ping and
tracert to
sites outside the LAN and resolve DNS (so ping and tracert to say
www.yahoo.com works perfectly). The only thing that does not work is
PCs inside the LAN cannot load web pages. The server is not an HTTP
server (at least it never was unless we goofed something up in the
setup -
how can we check this easily?). When going into IE and going to any
page (www.novell.com) it takes a while trying then eventually says it
load the web page. Any ideas on what or where to look?

Thanks in advance for any help,