First the background.
In Zenworks 7, Application objects can be associated to an E-Directory Workstation object. Those workstation objects can be granted Novell File System permissions, in this case the "Zenapps" volume.
What that allows is for a NAL object to run as the workstation system account, yet still have access to that Zenapps file share. The logged in user does not need file share permissions, not administrator permissions to install an application.

Now the problem
The new Dynamic Administrator option in ZCM 10 creates a temporary local administrator account to install apps, but this local admin does not have access or permissions to a network file share. In ZCM 10, there are no edirectory workstation objects to grant permissions to.

Possible solutions that we've ruled out.
1) upload the installer into the Content repository. Great for small sized installers. But for something like Adobe CS4 Design Premium, uploading 6 GB to the repository, and then also locally caching or downloading to a temp folder to run the setup.exe, is not an option.

2) We've tried "net use \\server\zenapps <password> /user:<user>" as a first step, but our zenapps volume is on a server that users already have connections to, so we can't create multiple connections to the same server with multiple accounts.

What have other admins done to provide large installers like Adobe CS4 through NAL, to users that do not have admin access to the local machine?

Our environment is E-directory with linux ZCM 10 servers.