I've got a strange issue. I have a policy set up that has a proxy server set under /User Config/Windows Settings/Internet Explorer Maintenance/Connection/Proxy Settings. That works fine. However, I'm trying to add some local web resources into the exceptions field and none of them seem to be taking.

An example of one would be, where that domain name is merely an entry in our internal DNS server and not accessible from the outside. However, even with the policy applied, the browser is still trying to use the proxy server and ignoring the exceptions I set. I can't confirm whether those exception are in the control panel since the users associated with the policy are very locked down.

However, I have a seperate policy for other users in which the exceptions work perfectly fine. Could the policy be corrupt?

Also, and this is a throw in question, how do you all create your policies? I find using console 1 to be an extremely irritating and slow process. It takes up to a minute from when I close the group policy window until I get control of console 1 back. Are there any other methods for policy editing?

Thanks in advance.