Problem: If user rename shared folder in the mail box - GW restore are
stop work for this user..

This was my steps:
1. create gw restore area:
copy /gwsystem/posta /gwrest/posta
and restart gwpoa
2. user: testusr have shared folder:
in this folder was 10 mails.
3. user: testusr rename 1_zakaz to the myzakaz
4. user: testusr delete ann empt 1 mail from this folder
5. user: testusr do: File | Open backup and
5.1 see folder with old name: 1_zakaz
5.2 can not see deleted mail
5.3 can found this deleted mail, but can not read or restore this mail
- always have error: D107

Any body have this problems or this known issue ?