Hi everyone!

Yes, I know that NW6.0 is not supported by Novell but I would like to
add the new NW6.5SP8 machine into the tree with:
- 1 server NW5.0 SP6a, Novell Directory Services Version 8 Version 85.27c
- 2 servers NW6.0 SP5, Novell eDirectory Version 8.6.2 SMP Version
So I run Deployment Manager and prepare network for new eDirectory and
everything is fine. Deployment Manager says that network is prepared for
new eDir and I can install NW6.5 server.
So I try to do this and get warning that I must run Deployment Manager
and prepare network for new eDir :-)

On existing server with master replica I can see:
Loading module NDSEM5.NLM
NDS Schema Extender Module
Version 3.03 February 24, 2003
Copyright 1993-2000 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents Pending.
NDSEM-5.0-006: Directory Services API interface versions do not match
NDSEM internal interface version is: 85
NDSEM API interface version is: 86
Directory Services API interface version is: 98
SERVER-5.60-1553: Module initialization failed.
Module NDSEM5.NLM NOT loaded
Module NDSEM5.NLM load status INIT FAIL
Removed search 1: [Server Path] SYS:\NIS_TMP\

On new server I've got error:
Directory services: Could not open local database, error: -723.

There is TID 10084662 so I go to "dsrepair", "then global schema
operations" and "Post Netware 5 Schema Update" and "Optional Schema
Enhancements" but it does not help.

What can I do to succesfully add new NW6.5 SP8 server into my tree?

Thank you for any help.