i am trying to fine tune my bordermanager 3.7 server. i followed the
tid #
10018669 and followed all the appropriate set parameters.
however, i noticed my proxy.cfg file has limited settings in it. i
Craig Johnson's proxy.cfg has a multitude of settings, at a minimum
what should my proxy.cfg file include. at the present time it looks
this, which i am assuming are the default settings.

any help would be appreciated.

BM3.7 runs on a NetWare 6 box, that also runs dns/dhcp and GWIA 6.

[MiniWeb Server]

[MiniWeb Server: Mime Types]
Content-Type: text/html=htm,html
Content-Type: text/plain=txt,text,cla,class
Content-Type: image/gif=gif
Content-Type: image/jpeg=jpg,jpeg,jpe,jfif,pjpeg,pjp
Content-Type: image/tiff=tiff,tif
Content-Type: image/x-xbitmap=xbm
Content-Type: video/x-msvideo=avi
Content-Type: video/quicktime=qt,mov,moov
Content-Type: video/x-mpeg2=mpv2,mp2v
Content-Type: video/mpeg=mpeg,mpg,mpe,mpv,vbs,mpegv
Content-Type: audio/x-pn-realaudio=ra,ram
Content-Type: audio/x-mpeg=mpega,mp2,mpa,abs
Content-Type: audio/x-wav=wav
Content-Type: audio/x-aiff=aif,aiff,aifc
Content-Type: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig=pac

[Log Format]