I am trying to run the fix_xtier_ids.sh script since our users novlxregd and novlxsrvd, and group novlxtier, do not have the correct uid/gid. When I run the script, I get two errors "Type or value exist."

When I take the commands namusermod... from within the script, I get the same error, so that appears to be the part of the script generating the errors.

When I remove the -G option (and associated value) the namusermod command runs successfully, and modifies the account to apply the new UID.

My question is, what is not being done by removing the -G option in this portion of the script? From my understanding, all that needs to be done is to apply the GID 81 to novlxregd and GID 82 to novlxsrvd. If that is the case, why the -G option if the accounts are already associated with the novlxtier group?

Also, to make things more straightforward with the script, could I run the namusermod, without the -G script, alone at the console, and then remove those lines from the script, which I will be running on numerous servers?

Thank you.