Hey there,

This is my first posting to the Linux side of the house, yeah, but I am sad
that I have to do it. :(

We have been playing with SuSE Enterprise server 10.1 and now 10.2 (x64) for
about a year now on non-mission critical stuff, but important stuff.

Today we noticed (after not looking at the server for about a month), a
kernel update came across the update. Go ahead, why not. About an hour
into the update it was looking for the source files. Fine, pop in the cd.
I pressed okay and everything on the screen went away. No icons, no color,
nothing. It stayed that way for about another hour. The wait finally got
to me and I pulled the proverbial plug. Rebooted, got to the normal or
safemode boot option, chose normal.

The server booted but never got to the gui. Bunch of fail this and that at
the screen.

Claiming complete ignorance, now what? I am not even sure where to start or
what to do. I can login no problem. The Apache Tomcat and mySQL stuff all
started and worked.