Hi all,

Just an FYI post, regarding upgrading to BM 3.7

Just upgraded from BM 3.6(sp2?) to BM 3.7 sp2 and fp3 last week.

The upgrade to 3.7 was very smooth, the upgrade program recognized myexisting system and carried the configuration forward. No problem.
I applied NW6 sp3 before I ran the BM 3.7 upgrade, and selected "do
overwrite newer files" during the install.
I mostly followed the upgrade path at
http://nscsysop.hypermart.net/bmgrptch.html#nbm37 except I didn't

the latest TCPIP, I stuck with version 6.13.04. I'm usually a bit
skeptical of "new" TCPIP nlm's.
BM 3.7 sp2 installed fine.

The files in fp3 *seemed* to work fine ...........except.......
After 10-15 min. processor utilization jumped up to 100% and stayed
there. Proxy.nlm was the culprit.
After checking my proxy.cfg for any tweaky problems, I decided to try
copy of Craig Johnson's from

to see if it made any difference. Many of the settings were the same,but he has the virus "stuff" on the end of his.

Made no difference.

So I backrev'ed the fp3 proxy.nlm back to the proxy.nlm included in
(proxy.nlm ver 3.17p). This *seemed* to cure the problem.

I then migrated my filters. Just for fun I tried to open them up in
iManager.....no go.....at some point iManager seems to have quit
Port 2200 (https) is open but I keep getting 404 errors... from
everything I've read
FILTCFG is still the preferred method. iManager works fine on other
servers, if I need to make the filers work in iManager I think I could

do it following Novell TID # 10069293.

Went home for the weekend.

395 abends on the BM server console monday AM....ouch. Caused by
inoculan.....bounced server, came up fine.
(possible inoculan issue?????)
Just for fun I opened up my proxy.cfg file to see if there were any
major changes that might cause obvious issues with inoculan.
Well......no.......but my proxy.cfg was only 3 lines!?!?!
It seems that when I copied Mr. Johnson's proxy.cfg file over I neverchecked it, and apparently my server didn't pick up the carriage

in his file, so my proxy.cfg was 3 very long useless lines. After some

reformatting in a text editor, the proxy.cfg file shows up fine.
I figured with the proxy.cfg changes now in effect, I'd now try the
proxy.nlm (version 3.17s) that came in fp3.

It works fine.

And......drum roll please........
I can now use IE on the Macintosh. I was able to log in through the
page using IE version 5.1.6 on Mac OS 9.

So, In a nutshell:
The upgrade went fine. No problems.
The combination of Mr. Johnsons proxy.cfg, proxy.nlm 3.17s, and TCP
6.13.04 seems to be a good combination (IMO).
With this combo, SSL authentication using IE 5.1.6 on Mac OS 9 works
(for me).
Inoculan could cause some issues....still waiting to see if problem
repeates. I did the upgrade a week ago, and things seem fine so far.

Hope someone can use this info.