since a few days (and im shure, i didnt change anything - what i know), i
cant upload a new driver to the Resource management of any of my two brokers

i receive an error, when i click on "adding from File" or also from "adding
from system" - An error has occured while trying to add the resource. Error
Code: -1.

sometimes, when i clean the cached temporay internet files, new start the
browser it works. but only sometimes, not everyone.

i have administrative rights with that user in Imanager (Iman 2.7 sp1)

i tested it on both of my NW6.5SP7 with newest NDPS/Iprint patches. also
tested it with Internet Explorer 6SP2 and IE 7 on WinXPSP2. IPrint client is
i tested several drivers from HP. strange thing, i could upload it for a few
days, the same driver now works not anymore.