GW8 on the OES2. All on the exp3.
POA1 in this place: /gwsystem/kb/poa1
Restore Area for POA1 in this place: /gwrestor/rc/poa1

This my steps:
1. dbcopy /gwsystem/kb/poa1/ /gwrestor/rc/poa1
2. In the C1(from the oes2 GUI) create REstore Area:
UNC path: /gwrestor/rc/poa1
Linux path: /gwrestor/rc/poa1
+ add POA1 as a Membership
3. over: https://oes2server:8009 create NCP shares:
gwsystem = /gwsystem
gwrestor = /gwrestor
4. In the C1 (from the oes2 GUI ) grant ALL rights for the POA to the
5. stop and start gwpoa

- User U1 from the GW8client connected (over IP c/s ) to the
PostOffise POA1
- User U1 delete and purge 1 mail from the MailBox
- User U1 do: File | Open Backup and get access to the Restore Area:
in the Restore Area user U1 see ONLY this deleted mail.
- User U1 can restore from the Restore Area this mail.

The resume:
1) Right after creations Restore Area, the User having switched in
"Open Backup" does not see any letters.
2) from this point on, if the user delete and purge a mail it will get
to it access in Open Backup ?

It is true?